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We’re Okeanos, A Design Studio, Creative Agency and Distribution platform Located In the sillicon Valley of the East : Shenzhen.

We dedicate ourself as a bridge between China and the world.

WE ARE DESIGNERS. We help our Partner to bring their Ideas to life by Designing, prototyping , manufacturing. We Design beautifull products and manufacture them at the best cost.

WE ARE BRAND STRATEGY EXPERTS. We help our client to define the best way to create awarness on chinese market. We design and re-design Brand and website to fit local trends, we  create wechat account and social media chanel, we hire KOL with the right audiance for your field and  as well creating your video and promo content.

With our deep understanding  and experiences of both western and chinese culture, Okeanos aim to be more than the “middle man” between you and china, We aim to be your long term partner to lead your project,  define the right strategy, avoid common mistake and solve problems.

Our multi-cultural and multi-skilled team is composed of chinese and western professional experienced and specilised in different fields from Design , engeneering, sourcing and production specialist to web marketer, content designer and writer as well photography and video specialist.

We Make Beautiful Things

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